Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Riding the Log Line

I have to come up with a log-line for my animation Kid Show. I'm the worst person on earth at writing meaningful content, so here are my attempts so far:

Toast me up a kind hearted dog fort.

The neverending reach of a child's imagination.

Three children explore the reason you were born.

Three brothers struggle to make it in NYC.

Let's live a day.

Try not to toss your day.

Simple joy of the child's bread box.

A child's heart is the breadbox of the mind.

The breadbox of the mind is the heart of a child.

Young, hip, and where did it go.

Where we go, we show, we sew.

If you can fake it, you should die.

Whoa whoa whoa whoa--look at this!

I can't sell this, I can't spell this.

So young, no job, so hip, let's jive.

Flow us a new path.

Flat on our minds.

Out to do the day.

Skip to our flow.

Trip dad, grab the flute.

Flying toast.

It appears where you want it.

At any moment, we will endure.

Is there anything to play with in here?

Is there any other way this could be different?

Can your might and ride a bike.

Oh how we whoa.

Dad was mad, so they asked the sun.

Spill and smear.

They were real as kittens.

Buying dreams with cardboard dollars.

The three of them and their eyes.

Daydream with my childhood.

Poop on some papers.

I can't help me.

Imagine my anger.

Imagine the piping glee.

Witness the piping glee of a wee three.

I'd scoot over for three more ideas.

Make room for my brain.

The simple deadly.

Gosh your fun.

Committed to seeing.

Bear are bee going?

Do as much as you can before bedtime.

Jessica's favorite is "Whoa whoa whoa whoa--look at this!" I think my favorite is "Young, hip, and where did it go." I just wish it actually communicated something about Kid Show. I'd rather say something ridiculous than cheesy... until I figure out something clever.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Things Happen

Jessica and I are now the proud owners of a blue 2004 Volkswagen Jetta Wagon GLS. I'd post a picture of it, but I don't want to! I'd rather just post a funny picture of myself from last year.

In other news, I've been uploading a crap load of videos on youTube. I find it liberating to just dump random stuff and not worry about explaining it. I should do that with my website, but I have too much pride. Check me out sometime:

Also, I have some exciting news, but I'm not allowed to share it, so here is a vague brief:
my animated short "Kid Show" was accepted to ______ Film Festival and I am going to attempt to attend the festival in _______, __ this ________. I'm stoked to have the opportunity to get my stuff out there.

I'm taking piano lessons and I can play Jingle Bells with both hands at once.

I've been drawing incessantly. I will soon add my second sketchbook titled "Regular Interprize" (purposely misspelled) to my website soon and I'm already 1/4 through my new pink sketchbook. I am so pumped to draw, I'm not even self-conscious about my pink sketchbook anymore.

Reading helps your brain. I just wish I could enjoy it all the time. I lose interest in writing pretty quickly unless it's David Shrigley, Richard Brautigan, or Shel Silverstein.

Oh, and I just submitted my High Speed Pinball NES(Nintendo) high score to Twin Galaxies(video game score keepers), so after the video is verified, I will have the highest score for that game in... the... world.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

My First Line Rider Track

I'm a big fan of Line Rider. This is my first finished track. I called it "Everything Slide." If you've never heard of Line Rider, check out

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

VHS Splice

My friend Alec and I were walking into Fremont the other day to eat some food and we noticed a mess of shiny black tape near some bushes. It looked as if someone pulled all the tape out of a VHS cassette. It was weird, because we couldn't find the actual cassette. Some how I got the idea to grab a few samples of the tape to bring home and try to splice it into an existing cassette. I had never done it, but I figured it would work.

We didn't have any trouble splicing the tape, but it was a challenge closing the cassette casing properly. We kept putting it in the VCR, but it'd spit it out immediately. After about 20 minutes of fiddling with it, we finally knew it was ready.

The suspense was incredible. On the one hand, we were a little nervous to what we might find, since it seemed like someone wanted to destroy the tape, but in another way, it was kind of like Christmas.

I popped the tape in, pressed play, and a dull tone sounded for about 5 seconds and I assumed that I had spliced the particular strip of tape upside down (it was really tough to figure out which side was right), but seconds later there was another sound and static... then bits of color, then shifting static and sound, then more... a person! A secret angent.... on skiis... 007!

We were the proud owners of someone's TV recording of one of the old 007 movies recorded off TBS. Yesssss. Alec and I cheered. It was totally worth it.