Friday, November 20, 2009

Interview on

I was also interviewed this week on Spike Jonze's blog: It started with a focus on "You Cried Me," but ended up being an all-around look at my work in general. Many thanks to Graham for writing the intro/interview questions!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Answering Questions

This has been an exciting week for me. "Kid Show" is currently featured on Channel Frederator, and they just posted an interview full of great questions (and hopefully great answers).

Check it out "Kid Show" on the Channel Frederator Youtube channel. If my film gets the most views for the month, I'll receive $200, so feel free to spread the word or embed.

Many thanks to Frederator and Bailee DesRocher for asking me questions!

I did another interview this week, but it's not posted yet. I'll update this when it's posted!

Friday, November 13, 2009


My buddy Scott, whom I met at RISD, is part of a band called Tallahassee and they're releasing their first album, Wolfe Moon this week. Scott's face was on my last Clap Twice title image:

The hand is Anna's, who sung backup vocals for their song "Jealous Hands." Check it out at their blog. It's beautiful. Thanks for posting it Scott!

Friday, November 6, 2009

blind bed

Greetings. I'm currently floatiny bedo. Blind typing again. Will the wireless signal make it through the wall? I hope so.I've noticed something recently. When I work really hard on animation, and focus, .. and if it's been a few hours, I start to hear things in my head. Nothing from me, but its quiet, faint and sometimes turns out to be advertisements. Sometimes real ads, sometimes made up ones. It's an automatic flow. It's eerie to listen to. The feeling of tapping into, instead of creating..

The current title photo is a shot taken during a power outage on my block, well, more my whole neighborhood. It was great. I mean, it scared the crap out of jess and I, because there was a huge boom at the city light place (across the street from us). Jess screamed and slutched for me. The lights were out. I remembered where a flashlight was. Grabbed it. Lit candles. It was fun. Fun fun. Unusual. Interuptions are good. Excuses to detour.

I'm lying here with my eyes closed. I zoned out for a while. It is late. Jess is snoring in a lovely way.

Now back at the computer. It worked again! Wow, I'm impressed with this wireless keyboard. I'm leaving the misspellings and errors above.

Monday, November 2, 2009

You Cried Me

I made a music video. It's for Jookabox's newest album Dead Zone Boys. The song is called "You Cried Me." It's a great song, and great album as well. Check it out.

I animated the video entirely in flash with my wacom tablet. Jessica assisted me with visuals and ideas. This usually consisted of me turning around and saying "Jessica, can I get your opinion about this?" Some of her responses included "His heads too fat." or "Leave it be-- I think you're overthinking it."

I'm excited about it and hope this is a kickoff to more animation and storytelling.