Monday, July 30, 2007

On The Edge

I live in Seattle again. School is over. I'm glad to be here, but it's hard too. Even though I am in my home-city, my life is a different life now that I've been gone so long, and I'm married, and I'm working full-time. It's all good though. These are all things that I am pleased about. Sometimes newness is overwhelming.

Something new and fantastic happened last week. Jessica and I were walking home from a restaurant, and it started to rain. About five minutes passed and the rain wasn't on us anymore, but we could see the edge of the rainfall twenty feet ahead of us. The rain cloud was moving in the same direction, so we could literally run back into the rain and out again. I was so excited that I told people who weren't noticing it.

I would love to experience that again, but I'm fine if I don't.

In other news... sometimes I forget that challenge is good.