Friday, June 15, 2007

Back and Forth

I'm confused. To explain in the simplest of terms:

Two years ago, I met a guy in the streets and I gave him money, because he asked. I knew he could be scamming me (he didn't look homeless or drug-addicted), but I felt led to actually give it to him, even if he wasn't being honest.

That was two years ago, but last night, I was eating dinner with some friends and I shared the story.

And today, about 20 minutes ago, I was in the RISD store buying envelopes whilst talking on the phone with my mom when I sensed someone walking behind me. I stepped aside to let them pass. When the guy passed me, he turned towards me and told me something like "I was trying to get your attention."

I was a little thrown off, because of the all the multi-tasking, so I said, "Oh, well I'm on the phone, could I talk to you in a second?" He nodded and walked away. After I got off the phone, I couldn't find him anywhere!

What's going on? Why, after two years, did this man reappear the day after I told the story about him? I don't even know his name.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Some Things I've Done Outside

The video above is a compilation of a lot of the crazy stuff I've done over the past few years. I made a cheesy song to go with it too.

I really enjoy making music, but I feel I'm not to the point yet where I really have control over what I'm doing (especially my voice) so I'm very self conscious, but I figure, what the hell, I should share it, even if it is embarrassing. At least the visuals are fun, right?

I'm a paranoid human being. I always think that people are going to hate the stuff I make--I'm critical, but I guess that helps me push myself to make good stuff.

About once or twice a year I receive some form of hate mail, but it's always from some idiot who doesn't have the guts to leave his/her name or email.

All in all, I do hope that people enjoy what I make and like me as a person, but I will always do what I do, even if my only audience is me. In the words of Daniel Johnston:

I'm walking down that empty road
But it ain't empty now... because I'm on it
I'm getting closer to a hope
That I can carry and take home with me

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Thinking, Feeling and Living

I do a lot of thinking.

When I do things, it causes me to feel certain ways, but sometimes things that I feel cause me to do certain things. I think that Feeling and Thinking should get married and have a baby named Living.

Once divorced, Thinking will buy a condo in the city, while Feeling will move in with its parents. Apart from each other, they will both sit at home and do nothing except think and feel, respectively. Meanwhile, Living will become behind in school, not turn in assignments, miss the bus, and wet the bed. At night, Living will dream that Thinking and Feeling are back together again, playing tennis and eating sandwiches.


But not true.

Thinking and Feeling are happily married with a decent sex life. They currently reside in the hills of Nogin where they raise Living and grow strawberries. Thinking works very hard at the square store, building squares, while Feeling assigns meaning to each square.

Thinking and Feeling have a sizable income and continually invest in Living's future. Living plays baseball and likes animals.

A healthy family is a happy family.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

My Cat Can See Demons

If you've never seen The Devil and Daniel Johnston, you should. Daniel Johnston has had a crazy life and just learning about it and listening to his music has changed mine.

The sun makes me happy.

Everyone is weak, that's a given.

Oh, a dog story: my wife Jessica, her friend Anna, and I were walking on Thayer street. There was a huge black lab dog sitting in the shade next to a gray house. I walked over to see if he'd let me pet him. There was a large bone, like a thigh of a cow, lying on the ground next to him. He stared at me as my hand came closer to his face. I imagined him biting me, but in the end, he just sat there like a basket full of dolls. Jessica and Anna walked over and we gave him a good pet.

I don't know if it was Anna's skirt, or just her aura of kindness, but something got the dog excited and he went for an excavation under Anna's skirt. She gasped a little and bent over so fast that her glasses fell off. The dog quickly snatched up the glasses in his mouth and wouldn't let them go. We pleaded with him to let go, but he resisted. We could hear the sound of his teeth sliding against the lenses.

After another moment, I was able to talk him out of it, and he eventually eased up and let me have them. I handed them to Anna and she wiped off the drool.

That was fun, I miss dogs.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Let's Go

I wanted to say hi to the internet.

I wanted to let you know that although I always thought Paris Hilton was silly, seeing her in the back of a police car crying her eyes out, kind of hurt my feelings a little.

I also wanted you to know that I try to avoid mentioning current events, but sometimes it seems OK to.

It also rained today.

All day it rained.

I just stared at the screen for about two minutes. I was thinking about all the events that had occurred today. I tried to extract the most interesting things, but then I felt pretentious.

And I still do.

I'm not witty enough to be cool, but I'm weird enough to be me.